2022 Nude Art Calendar – Commission special


Tax included.

This is the idea:

I want to do a 2022 calendar with nude watercolour pictures. And with a twist: The pictures gonna be your commissioned personal nude art paintings.

This is how it works:

I am looking for 12 customers – female and couples only – who'd take the offer to get a regular water colour nude art commission in 24 x 32 cm for just €129. (Currently this is priced at €185 but will go up to €230 on 1st of September 2021.)

But there is more to it than just the painting.

This is what you will get:

For this price of €129 you will get the final original painting. And you will get 3 printed DIN A4 calendars. Valued for probably €24,90* each. Have to figure the price out yet. Everything shipped for an additional €10 in the EU or €20 worldwide. (The painting and the and calendar will be shipped in one parcel once the calendar is printed.)

So you will get art and the calendars valued at more than €300 for just €139. All taxes and customs included.

But act fast:

Of course this offer is limited to 12 paintings and will expire on August 31st 2021. Or, of course, when all 12 slots are taken.

One last important thing: The calendar will only be printed if at least 10 commission slots are taken. I have to cover the initial printing costs somehow.

But: Don't worry, you will get your commissioned picture anyway. Just the bonus calendars are not in the package then.

So it's a good deal for you whatever the outcome of the crowdfunding.

Okay? Let's do this …

 (Design of the calendar shown in the previes is just a mockup right now. But it gives you an idea of how it may look. Clean and simple with enough room for your picture to shine.)

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