Portrades - Early Bird Ticket for watercolour portraits

€125 €215

Tax included.

Starting this fall on November 1st I will be offering watercolour portraits. I am so excited for this.

To share this anticipation I came up with this special, very limited offer.

From now on you can be 1 of 7 people to book an early ticket for a portrait commission.

This is how it works:

  • The painting will be done on 19 x 24 watercolour paper by Canson in a format of about DIN A6. See some examples of my current portrait training bootcamp in the product pictures.
  • As a reference I will then need a decent photo of you or the person you want me to paint.
  • And to give you a final incentive I am offering these early birds with a 10% discount upfront.
  • You will pay upfront and I will do the commissions starting 1st of November in the order they come in. So: Be early and get it first.

Now let's do this: Grab yourself some art. And: You know, in November Christmas isn't to far away. And this could be a great gift. For yourself or a loved one.

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